Travel to Poland for professional healthcare – discover dental tourism in Silesia

There is a belief in Poland that services provided are not sufficient compared to foreign companies. That could not be more detached from reality. Professional healthcare with a specialized medical team and advanced equipment awaits you in the heart of Silesia, at Dentim Europe.

Dental tourism is a new concept which is increasing in front of our eyes. In retrospect, we could not even imagine that Poland’s medical reputation will attract people from abroad searching for high-quality dental care. So what is dental tourism? Why is Dentim Europe one of the best clinics ensuring the highest standards for patients from western Europe?

Dental tourism is a new phenomenon. It appeared only a few years ago. It was the result of Polish emigrants informing foreigners about the possibility of obtaining a smile they have always wanted, through a Polish clinic. This has welcomed an opportunity to travel to Poland, to take care of your health.

This is how Dentim Europe began to build its reputation. Mainly designed for polish patients, the clinic has become very popular because of its international level of service. It is now entering the arena of western countries. As a result it is easy to predict that Polish patients, who have recommended Dentim Europe to their friends abroad will attract them sooner or later to experience modern dentistry for alternative prices and similar quality.

“Today we are taking care of patients from Germany, Great Britain and Norway,” said Oliwia Basek, the main coordinator of dental tourism in Dentim Europe. “The number of them rises every month, which makes us really happy.” And the numbers are clear – every month they treat from ten to fifteen patients from abroad.

So what makes Dentim Europe different from other similar clinics? “Certainly, free consultation for everyone who wants to know more, get diagnosed and well treated,” said Basek. “The patients from other countries have the freedom to travel and visit our clinic for free. We cover the costs of a flight, transfer from the airport and even an apartment, which is located beside the clinic. We also treat patients from other cities in Poland as those who travel from abroad and we use the same rules for them. The most important thing is their satisfaction and health.”

Those are only a few of the advantages Dentim Europe offers. Another important reason why people travel hundreds of kilometre’s to Poland for implants or teeth renewal are care packages. What are those? They include complex care and all the treatments a patient could need: from implants, through aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics to additional manipulations.

Dental tourism has not fully reached its potential in Poland. There are not many clinics here which provide healthcare to foreigners. “We gave ourselves a chance and decided to try it for one year and to extend our activity including inviting people from UK or Norway.” said Basek. “They are really coming and we cannot be surprised, because the costs of services are about seventy percent lower than in their own countries, especially in Norway. And we still have the same materials as they do and well prepared team as abroad, so this part is obvious.”

Although medical tourism is still in early stages, the numbers show medical tourism abroad has already developed. Forty percent of people, especially in western countries, travel abroad to receive healthier or similar care from specialists in their home countries. That is why Dentim Europe is well prepared for this surge. They are staffed with dental surgeons, assistants, and an anesthesiologist. You can be put to sleep during treatment, and patients who are afraid of dental drilling can remain calm. You can also receive “laughing gas” or nitrous oxide, which makes you feel relaxed and carefree.

It helps to fight dental phobia, which is common, especially in children. There are also adults who might be afraid of the dentist. In this situation the clinic offers a “panic button.” You can hold it during the operation. When you press it the drill stops. Although no one has ever done it, the option of having power over pain offers patients relief. The patients can also observe the process of creating their implants thanks to a window which shows everyone how the staff work.

Patients come from different parts of Europe stay for few days and go back home with completely new teeth. Although the clinic specializes in implants, you can get crowns and bridges, ceramic veneers or get your teeth whitened. In addition, endodontic, scalling and polishing, curettage and other treatments are available.

Basek explains the process of running a clinic in Silesia is not difficult. “We have many people who want to be healthy and they decided to pay for it because they know we will provide it and make them satisfied,” she said. “Now we are looking forward to having more patients from other countries, maybe Italy? What is for sure, we will constantly grow, because the health and beautiful smile of our patients lies in our hands.”


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