Final match of this season in American Football in Silesia

On Saturday, at 14:30, a final match of this season of American Football will be played at the stadium MOSiR Szopienice in Katowice. It will be the tenth round of PLFA I. During this meeting, the team Silesia Rebels will take up on a Saints Czestochowa team.
Both teams no longer have a chance to advance to the next round of PLFA. Rebels, who have collected three wins and four losses are in third place in the South Group. Saints with the acquis of 1-5 are two floors below. Both teams, however, want to finish the season with class and win to sweeten this
successful year.
For the hosts it will be the last game in this season. The beginning was very successful – winning over Tychy Falcons (current vice-leader of the group) 10: 7 and the Titans Lublin 27:22 led to further successes. The defeat of Krakow Kings 41:20 slashed, however, Rebels wings’ and later they succumbed also with Saints Czestochowa 24:30. Temporarily mood improved again after the triumph over the Titans, but defeat in the challenge with Kings and the Falcons determined the loss of  further opportunities.

– Unfortunately, we were unable to qualify for the the next round but a lot of young players (including injured primers) spent a lot of time on the field gaining experience that will pay off in the upcoming years – Jakub Samel, a Rebels coach, concluded. Especially surprising was the recent defeat with the Falcons 12:35, with which Rebels won at the beginning of the season. – Between our first clash and now, several weeks passed. Between that time we lost a lot of players from the starting team. Adding to this, Falcons were very well prepared tactically and physically, and they took full advantage of their lead in the third quarter. Unfortunately, despite efforts and struggle we failed to triumph. Now we have a 100% focus on Czestochowa – Samel said. Ultimatelly Rebels scored 130 points and they lost 195 in nine games.
To Saints it goes even worse. Upcoming game will be the last for them. Except of the one victory over Rebels, Częstochovians only failured. It is despite the fact that sometimes they put up the bar high (12:13 with Titans or 0:13 with the leader of the group). Their last game was the second fight with Titans, to whom they succumbed 20:35.

– It is the effect of “short bench”. Playing a game with a limited number of substitutes, far trip to foregin field, and high temperatures during the match made us loose our forces. There are also injuries that plagued us constantly – explained Jacek Wróblewski, runner of Saints. So far, he and his colleagues cashed only 70 points and lost almost twice as many (138). The only consolation is individual performance of Wroblewski, who personally scored eight touchdowns, placing it on third place in the PLFA I across country. Perhaps another reason for joy would be the second victory over Rebels.


The match will take place on the MOSiR stadium on, ul. 11 Listopada, 16, in Katowice – Szopenice

Tickets: 5 PLN (children under 10 yers old, school groups and persons above 65 years of age – free entry)

Check the official event Facebook page, and PLFA I tables.


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