Diverse Downhill Contest – bike mud battle at the top of Żar moutain

Last weekend Międzybrodzie Żywieckie became the Polish capital of downhill biking for the tenth time. On Saturday, there were no signs that the beginning of Sunday Polish Cup 2016 will be played in the snow aura for the first in the history of Polish Downhill competition.

Rain and snow falling from the sky since morning, created slippery and muddy route which made nearly 250 contestants from Poland and abroad, fighting not only for the best time but also it verified their skills of downhill riding. Extreme weather conditions were not deterred fans of sports experience, who cheered the riders on the wet and white snow route.

On Saturday afternoon, a spectacular Monster Energy Best Whip contest was held where fifteen players took part in. The judges evaluated not only the height and length of the flight, but above all, the degree of “breaking” bikes in the air (which is called: whipping). The audience very spontaneously cheered their favorites and appreciated the most spectacular whips. Fiilip Kołodziej, Filip Zeman and Sebastian Macura “broke” their bikes in an amazing style and it was known that it was between them to share the podium. The judges decided that the best whips were Sebastian Macura, Zeman and Kołodziej.

On Sunday, athletes fought in eight categories. Qualifications in the prestigious category, Elite Man, won Slawek Lukasik, while in the Elite Woman category it was Sonia Skrzypnik. In the finals, Sonia maintained her result and is able to enjoy the first three points of the Polish Cup this season. It was not a surprise that in Elite Man class, Slawek Lukasik, who for several years has been successful also in the international arena, triumphed with a very good time of 2:36:16. The second at the finish line was great racer Wojciech Czernak, and third – Martin Knapec from Slovakia.

In the Junior qualification, the first place came to Sebastian Macura, and just after him to Jakub Żbikowski. In the finals Sebastian managed to keep the first place, while Jakub finished third, losing to second Peter Tóth with just 83 hundredths of a second.

This past weekend was a full of sports emotions. The tenth edition of Downhill reaffirmed that this discipline and the race is ideal for the landscape of Mount Żar. Even unfavorable weather condition did not stop fans for going to Międzybrodzie Żywieckie, cheering on the players, and creating unique atmosphere of the sports festival.

Polish Cup – Diverse Downhill Contest 2016

HOBBY hardtail
1. Mateusz Rajpold – Team Funbikes
2. David Biegun
3. Radosław Głód

1. Tomasz Raszyk – Go Bike Pro
2. Marek Goryczka
3. Viktor Juraszek – 2B Eco Riders

1. Konrad Zamojski – Bike Park London Zdroj
2. Łukasz Wojtas
3. Leonard Kuciel

1. Dominik Pycia – BartBass Goodbike DH Team
2. Rafał Wiszniewski – 3city RACING
3. Bogdan Jakubiec

1. Aleksander Wieczorkiewicz – 3racing Downhill Group
2. Artur Miśkiewicz – 3racing Group
3. Rafał Wyroślak

1. Sonia Skrzypnik
2. Inka Januła – ABC Arek Bike Park
3. Anna Sojka

1. Sebastian Macura – Surge Downhill City Team
2. Peter Tóth – Freeriderz S.C.
3. Jakub Żbikowski – ABC Arek Bike Camp

1. Slawomir Łukasik – NS Bikes FroPro
2. Wojciech Czernak – Born2Bike
3. Martin Knapec – CTM Racing Team

The same goals apply to the organizers of Diverse Downhill Contest already for the decade now. These goals are to popularize bicycle downhill and create the most technically demanding routes. This translates to a steady increase in the level of Polish downhill bicycle sports scene and providing an amazing spectacle. Diverse Downhill Contest is a competition organized in Poland since 2006, when route at the top of the Mount Stożek in Wisła was prepared from scratch specifically for the first downhill race. Up to date, the series took a total of almost 30 events. From the very beginning, the race is created by athletes for athletes.


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