New Year’s resolution that will make you smile

Coming back to post-Christmas reality can be tough. After the time of culturally permitted indulgencies, most of us feel the pressure to balance the surplus of pleasures with constrained diets, increased physical activity or anything that would help us overcome the guilt. Beyond doubt, we do have reasons for changing certain things- health being one of them.


Not surprisingly it often becomes the leading resolution on our New Year’s list. Women focus on losing weight while men promise themselves to quit smoking. Every year, these resolutions don’t change significantly. The part of the reason why we keep on having the same promises is the fact that we failed to success last year. We are either discouraged by the forceful nature of resolutions or the lack of instant effects. Therefore, setting a goal that would be an unforceful change yet visible effect is the key to satisfaction.


While most of us wish to adopt “failure is not an option – attitude”, a sobering dose of reality hits us sooner or later. Women do lose some weight and men actually limit their smoking habits but in the long run these resolutions go unachieved. When it comes to health-related resolutions, our actions get brushed under the rug. While it is hard to find, keep and apply solution that would bring about visible change and target the underlying cause of many diseases, no one said such thing does not exist. It goes by the name of Invisalign and helps to streighten the teeth in an unprecedent fashion.


The magic of this device is based on the system of virtually invisible aligners which are customized to almost any type of occlusion. They are made of smooth translucent plastic that gradually shift teeth into place with little intereference of a dentist. They can be taken out during the meals or anytime we wish so that there is no way we can feel like wearing an old time muzzle with metal wires. Invisalign puts an end to traditional treatment of streightening teeth by giving its user complete freedom. We are no longer dependent on frequent and painful visits at orthodontists office as the whole process is mostly in our own hands. Based on customized treatment plan prepared by our doctor, we receive personaly designed aligners which we need to replace every two weeks. The teeth get streightened by themslves which eliminates the pain associated with traditional orthodoncy.


Despite advantages such as comfort, easiness of usage and visually pleasing design, Invisalign not only straightenes our teeth but also helps us prevent various health problems. Not many people realize that oral hygiene has a profound impact on the rest of our body. For example, periodontal disease may result from malpositioned teeth due to difficulties in cleaning all of the bacterias that build up around them.As a result, gums become infected creating problems in the rest of the body. Inflamation which initiates in the mouth decreases our ability to control blood sugar making us more prone to diabetes. Also, bacteria from our gums enter the bloodstream contributing to heart and respiratory disease. The list of other health effects is long including increased risk of dementia, erectile functions and even cancer. Therefore, dental hygiene has further reaching concequences than we may think.


Although the health awareness of polish society is on the rise, we still need to learn how to approach our body problems more hollistically. Losing weight or quitting smoking will not make us healthy unless we take care of what kills us more secretly. When making a New Year resolutions, it’s worth considering a solution that will treat a long term problem with instantly visible effect. Invisalign seems to be a perfect combination which compromises health and apperance making us feel and look more confident.

For the last twenty years, it has helped more than three million people all over the world. Now, Invisalign is becoming more popular in Poland and Dentim Clinic in Katowice is one of a few places in Europe to offer such service. Since the treatment consits of replacing aligners every two weeks without any specialist’s assistance, the users of Invisalign need to show up only for occasional check-ups. Due to rare visits at the clinic, it is a great alternative for the patients from abroad who can save up on their flights when coming to Poland for dental tourism.


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