Committee for the Defence of Democracy protest in front of Silesian Parliament

Committee for the Defence of Democracy (Komitet Obrony Demokracji – KOD) protested today in Katowice at the square of Boleslaw Chrobry under the monument of Jozef Pilsudski. Manifestation gathered approximately two thousand people.

It is a third demonstration of KOD since the election of Law and Justice party. This time it was held under the motto of “In defense of your freedom” and it was organized to oppose new amendmend that is going to be introduced at the beginning of February. The amendmend regulates rules for billing sampling by special services and conducting operational control.

At noon, supporters from all over the Silesian province gathered under Pilsudski monument to protest with the Committee for the Defence of Democracy. A total of approximately two thousand people gathered, among them there were demonstrators from Zabrze, Rybnik and Sosnowiec. People expressed their concerns about surveillance on the Internet. Among others, they chanted words such as: “Your cables, our mouses”, “Democracy – not surveillance”, and “Hu hu ha – [you’ve made] ‘good change’ for a ‘bad change'”.

Demonstration in Katowice lasted for over an hour. There were no incidents and the safety of people was protected by the police.

This is not only one demonstration organized by KOD in Silesia. Other meetings were held at noon on the Biegański square in Częstochowa and on the Boleslaw the Brave square in Bielsko-Biala. Protests were also in 33 other cities in Poland and several cities abroad.


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