Civic Strike of KOD in Katowice

Protesters gathered to voice their opinion against the abandonment of education reform and against the verdict of Constitutional Court

On Tuesday night, a Civic Strike organized by Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD) took place on the Katowice’s square. Protesters gathered to voice their opinion against the abandonment of education reform and the destruction of Constitutional Courtout by rulling government party (PiS). They also said to gather for respect for women’s rights, respect for the constitution, and for separation of church and state.

On the square in front of the Silesian Theatre more than 1000 people gathered in spite of cold weather. The demonstration was attended by activists of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, Modern Party, Civic Platform, Women’s Party and the Greens. Protesters then went in the march around the streets of Katowice to get to the Statue of Silesian Uprisings where they finished their manifestation.

Similar initiatives were organized in major Polish cities. Choice of the date 13th December was not accidental – it was the 35th anniversary of the introduction of martial law in Poland – and it supposed to manifest disobedience to ruling party of Law and Justice. As manifesters announced before the gathering: “We will not be manouvered into being set against each other like it was on December 13th 1981. We do not want any confrontation.”

Demonstration took place from 17:30 and finished at 20:00.


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