The Silesian Entrepreneurship Week in Katowice

The contemporary environment of youth as a whole composes the greatest mine of unique ideas but unfortunately they notice the only one problem on a way to realize them – money. However, in the fast developing bussiness world there is a group of entreprenuers aware the concerns of youth today and decided to give them a hand. The Silesian Entrepreneurship Week is a special time for everyone who looks at money as a mainly impediment to start own business.

Entrepreneurship is the key notion in the business world and there is the foundation responsible for explaining young people how they should use this key in their daily life. The Silesian Business Incubators is an oasis for young, creative entreprenuers. The most crucial aspect that The SBI users are not required to pay dues for Social Insurence Institution. Everyone should know that even without specific business knowledge is possible  to start first advanture with a business. From day to day in different cities of Poland experienced entrepreneurs organise events and the good practise exercise.

Consequently, The Silesian Business Incubators employees are organising The Silesian Entrepreneurship Week – the series of events that will take place in 6 different cities of Silesia Province: Rybnik, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała, Bytom, Zabrze, Częstochowa. Every event will concern the issue of raising money for set up a business and what is the most important, how to manage money efficiently on every next step of business development. Moreover, participants of The SEW will have the opportunity to get know how to aquire particular business skills. Organisers will give chance to participate in a networking, which in turn let them to meet with great businessmen.

Business panels are dedicated to micro enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and especially to people who have never had ocassion to start own business. Perhaps, the Silesian Entrepreneurship Week is a perfect time to start realize your dreams. You have got nothing to loose, you can only win. It will take place from 21.09.2015 to 29.09.2015 in various cities of Silesia. Visit links to get more info:

Here is this event’s Facebook page, and official website.


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