Only bricks, steel and concrete left – Demolition of a DOKP skyscraper in Katowice is going according to plan

It is two months after the start of the second phase of demolition of the former DOKP (National Railway Headquarters) building in Katowice. Internal installations, equipment and plaster walls have been removed. Dismantling of elevators and engines also has been completed. Two new skyscrapers are expected to be build on the place of the current DOKP building. 
At the beginning of March demolition of the main office building of DOKP started. Works included cleaning, deinstallation of the internal installation, plaster walls and elevators, among others. In recent days, dismantling of the windows also has begun. After two months of works structural elements of brick, steel and concrete only remained.

– We have proceeded mechanical dismantling of the components. We started from the roof contignation and gradually we will be going to the lower floors. Work is carried out using remote-controlled demolition robot – says Grzegorz Przybyłek, owner of Carbo-Stal company, realizing the demolition on behalf of TDJ Estate.

In addition to robots, they also have special water cannons to wet the crushed materials, reducing the appearance of dust.

At the end of May it is planned to use stationary tower demoliton crane to remove prefabricated slabs, staircases, facade and steel construction.

Completion of the demolition work expected by the end of 2015. Two new skyscrapers are expected to be build on the place of the current DOKP building.

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