DigUp StartUp brings new technologies to Katowice

On the upcoming weekend, 31th May to 1st June, DigUp StartUp is organizing meeting in Galeria Katowicka shopping mall. DigUp StartUp is a recurring event in support of fresh, creative ideas and innovation in our region. This time the main topics will be the new technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality. The event is so interesting for people that the tickets went off in just a few days.

This time, the Cyberith, team from Austria, will present their prototype of treadmill transferring foot traffic into the virtual world. No doubt this is the future of gaming. One of the partners of the event is also Google Developers Poland. They will provide Google products to see and experience them yourself. One of the things you could see is Google Glass. Also all of the participants will be able to apply for the membership of the future Google Developers Group Katowice. What else?

DigUp StartUp – beside this event – is currently working on connecting Oculus Rift with DJI Phantom Vision drone. This project is supported by Department of Social Policy of Katowice. These two connected, will allow the transmission of video from the cameras flying in the air directly to goggles so that person with Oculus on his face will feel the experience of real-virtual flight. “We have an outdoor trip plan for holidays for disabled kids on wheelchairs. Along with this device we will be able to provide the sensation of free, unrestricted movement where it was never yet experienced.” – says Piotr Łój, creator of DigUp StartUp in Katowice.

We also asked him about the history of DigUp StartUp. He explained: “At the beginning of 2012, I decided to overcome my jitters and I attended Poznań’s event called “StartUp Sprint” organized by LMS Invest. It was so big stress that I don’t even remember my first presentations. Atmosphere in there, however, let me open myself to more and more people. I was motivated by the support that was given by mentors; I have learned to lead discussions about my ideas. They have shown me that threats, human irrationality, and fear that people experience when coming up with new startups are not negative, but in fact, may motivate people to act. They have shown me how I could spread my wings. With every moment in there I felt like I was losing my fear of becoming wrong. Those 3 days I spend on listening, discussing and meeting new people gave me a priceless lesson that led my life now on. I learned that constructive critique is much more helpful than unfounded praises. In the end, I won StartUp Sprint event which was a gorgeous motivational kick that pushed me to organize something similar in Silesia.”

If you have an idea for a business, applications, mobile, Internet service, or just want to improve existing solutions… report to DigUp! They offer cooperation for creative companies and associations which results in the highest rank of the bench mentoring service, motivating, and giving out helpful guidance.

Approximately 3 weeks ago DigUp StartUp was taken under the patronage of US-Polish Trade Council. It opened new ways for participants. This time USPTC is funding a trip to the Silicon Valley! It’s just the 5th edition of the event, but it’s growing very fast and raises interest in the Katowice for private investors, big and small companies. “Next event will be organized in September, but I do not want to disclose too much. If you want to see what we have to offer, you may feel it on your own skin when you register. It’s free! We want to activate the local community of programmers and developers to help them grow and succeed in their businesses” says Piotr Łój.

All details and free registration is available at www.DigUpStartUp.pl


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