4th Tattoo Convention 2016 in Katowice

It was the fourth edition of Katowice Tattoo Convention where during the two days of the festival more than 170 tattoo artists competed with 397 various designs, out of which 33 were award-winning.

The tattoo artists from all over the country left Katowice on Sunday evening, marking the fourth edition of Katowice Tattoo Convention. During the two days of the festival more than 170 tattoo artists created their artworks on the bodies. The competitions saw 397 various design nominations, out of which 33 awards went to tattoers. The whole event was graced by the performances of the following bands : Rasmentalism Mordor Muzik, Tiger Skull, Lazy Class and Burning Hearts.

The 18th edition of the event, on the first day beat last year’s two-day attendance record in Katowice. During the weekend a total of nearly 6,000 visitors visited The International Congress Center. One of the objectives of the Tattoo Convention is to reward the most talented tattoo artists.

This time, tattooists representing local shops as well as those who came to Katowice specifically for the convention were pickdrawn to win. In all there was about 400 designs competing in 11 categories. Award-winning artists were among others: Asia from Lucky Tattoo studio (Best Tattoo of 1st day), Insekt from Totem Studio (Best Tattoo of the 2nd day) and Luk from Art Force (Best Tattoo associated with Silesia).

A lot of emotions evoked extreme demonstrations performed by well-known from TV – Black Ninja Warrior. Enthusiasts of art suspension crowded under the stage during performances of The Mysterious Crew. Special guests from Spain in addition to the tricks on the list of all the modern fakir, presented a breathtaking show of suspending the body (see pictures above).


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