Video Games Live special concert at NOSPR

Video Games Live  is an award-winning, immersive concert with music from the most popular video games. Created, produced and operated by the world-renowned video game industry veteran and star of world format – Tommy Tallarico, with the best orchestras and choirs from all over the world. The show takes place from synchronous video projections, show of lights, electronic drums, Internet soloists, and even moments from the games live (or fragments with the active participation of the audience). All this added up to a unique, explosive event.

Imagine the energy and power of a rock concert combined with the power of emotions that triggered a symphony orchestra, along with technology, interaction, wonderful views, and fun, which can only be provided video games. Perfect synchronization projection screen, lighting and special effects electrified the audience regardless of age and whether they were fans of games or not. Projected interest before and after the concert included a relaxation area with games, retro zone, competition costumes games (cosplay), and contests with prizes. Other attractions were also planned, such as a meeting with the creators of Video Games Live. The concert was conducted by Emmanuel Fratianni. The special guest at the concert was Marcin Przybyłowicz – author of music for The Witcher 3.

Photos: Katarzyna Piątek/Silesia Times

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