Body Worlds: Scientific exhibition came to Katowice

BODY WORLDS came to Katowice for the first time. This controversial around the world exhibition is made up of real preserved human bodies voluntarily provided by the donors

BODY WORLDS came to Katowice for the first time. This controversial around the world exhibition is made up of real preserved human bodies voluntarily provided by the donors.

The main goal of the exhibition is to celebrate the abilities of the human body in motion through the aesthetic presentation of its pristine form and complex functions. Exhibition in its educational form presents the authentic human bodies and fascinating multimedia installations. It shows how important it is for a healthy lifestyle by showing the human body in health and disease.

From the very beginning, the exhibition has become highly controversial when traveling around the world. Mainly because visitors see real dissected bodies of people who once lived and not a plastic models. Thanks to an innovative process of plastination, which was invented and patented by dr. Gunther von Hagens, visitors have now the opportunity to look into the innermost recesses of the human body and enjoy its inner beauty.

The exhibition will be on view from February 10th to May 14th, on the second floor of Supersam gallery in Katowice. Normal tickets from Tuesday to Friday cost 50 złotys, and reduced prices for students and seniors are 40 zł and 30 zł for school children. Prices are slightly more expensive on weekends. Visiting an exhibition in a group of over 10 people can get you a cheaper ticket which for adults is 40 zł, for students and seniors 30 zł, and 25 zł for school children. Children under 6 years of age can view the exhibition for free.

Exhibition BODY WORLDS has been viewed by more than 43 million visitors in Europe, Asia, South Africa and America.


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